experience contemporary glass art

- Sep 17, 2019-

as a special artistic creation material, glass is favored by more and more artists. Its unique charm is incomparable to other materials. Its plasticity, diversity and contingency provide infinite possibilities for the shaping of its spatial form.Today, contemporary art has gradually become the mainstream art, and glass art has its own unique context and language expression. Contemporary glass artists have got rid of the shackles of materials and infatuation with skills, and glass has become a brand new art carrier for artists to express their emotions and ideas freely.AT155

2. About the product

1. Brand- New Sanhe

2. Feature: Colorful & Transparent & Shining

3. Usage: Ornament, Furnishing, Decoration

4. Place: Home, Club, Hotel, Park, Resort, Commercial Place, Public Place, etc

5. Tecgnique: Polished

6. Production: Engraving & Molding & Casting & Precessing

7. Processing: Handmade

8. Surface: Polishing or Sandblasting

9. Logo: Sandblasting & Painting Available

10. Quality: Quality Controlled to meet Customer's Requirement

11. Packing:

Inner packing: Nice gift box with foam & satin or white paper box safety packing.

Out packing: High quality carton with six sides foams to protect.

12. Delivery: Within 10~25days after we received the deposit