Fracture of crystal

- Aug 19, 2019-

Fracture: shell-like.A break is also called a break.It is to point to the irregular fracture that mineral produces after be hit, fracture fracture surface is uneven call fracture.According to the shape of the fracture can be divided into shells and serrated.

Manufacture Technology:

1,Cutting material             2,Flat grinding                            3,Facet,                  

4,digging                            5,3D laser Engraving,               6,Sandblasting    

7,Etched,                            8,Polished,                                  9,Dint                                 10,Silk-screen,                 11,Profiling,                                 12,Slotting,   

13,Color-printing,            14,Plate making,                         15,Drawbench,         16,Carved,                        17,Acid-washing