Lead crystal glass is K9 crystal

- Aug 08, 2019-

Lead crystal glass has high refractive index and high transmittance, which is widely used in handicrafts, high-grade tableware, jewelry, etc., but lead oxide composition has potential risk of precipitation, so it has a certain impact on the health of users.

Through the preparation of 3 different Pb3O4 mass fraction of lead crystal glass samples, under 80 ℃ was studied under the condition of the sample after soaking in the liquor, detergent, lead to precipitation, and through the method of test, optical microscope and elemental analysis (ICP), crystal glass to lead in the lead precipitation in the process of erosion rate and surface morphology were assessed.The results show that the lead precipitates from lead crystal glass after soaking in different solutions for a long time, and the amount and rate of lead precipitates are related to the mass fraction of Pb3O4.