Lead crystal glass raw material

- Aug 13, 2019-

Lead crystal glass is basically composed of k2o-pbo-sio2 system. The raw materials of K2O, PbO and SiO2 as well as decolorizing agents are summarized below.

(1) quartz sand and lead crystal glass's requirement for quartz sand: two aspects of differentiation, i.e. physical and chemical;In addition, each batch of raw materials are required to be uniform.

(I) chemical requirements chemical purity requires that quartz sand contains high amount of SiO2, and other impurities, especially the content of colored impurities should be less.Iron content in quartz sand is an important factor affecting the whiteness of glass.Other impurities, such as chromium, titanium, copper and vanadium, are low in content


According to the material -- divided into natural crystal gifts and artificial crystal gifts, according to the corresponding production fine, can be divided into crystal class.

According to the production process - divided into crystal white blank gifts, crystal image gifts, crystal carving gifts

Decoration according to purpose - crystal office supplies, crystal pendants, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ashtray, crystal perfume bottle, crystal photo frame, etc