Lecture on jewelry crystal

- Sep 16, 2019-

Crystal, the ancient name water essence, water jade, millennium ice, etc., is a kind of old and common middle and low grade gem, variety is rich, cheap and fine quality, popular people love, in the market sales of large crystal mineral name quartz, is transparent quartz single crystal.Pure crystal is colorless: containing trace impurity elements, can produce purple, yellow, tobacco and other color crystal is often made into faceted gems or carved pieces of sales, colorless, tobacco crystal.crystalG0020

About the product

1. Brand- New Sanhe

2. Feature: Colorful & Transparent & Shining

3. Usage: Ornament, Furnishing, Decoration

4. Place: Home, Club, Hotel, Park, Resort, Commercial Place, Public Place, etc

5. Tecgnique: Polished

6. Production: Engraving & Molding & Casting & Precessing

7. Processing: Handmade

8. Surface: Polishing or Sandblasting

9. Logo: Sandblasting & Painting Available

10. Quality: Quality Controlled to meet Customer's Requirement

11. Packing:

Inner packing: Nice gift box with foam & satin or white paper box safety packing.

Out packing: High quality carton with six sides foams to protect.

12. Delivery: Within 10~25days after we received the deposit