Like a dream said crystal

- Sep 12, 2019-

"Reflect the color of the water, to the moonlight also degrees.Sometimes it looks like dew when it leans among the lotus leaves."This is the tang dynasty poet wang jian eulogy crystal poem "water essence."Crystal name "millennium ice ", China's ancient water jade, water bi, water essence.In Buddhism, it is said that the crystal will flash magical and spiritual light, which can be used by all living beings, and it is revered as bodhisattva stone.Natural crystals are formed in the geode when the high-temperature liquid containing silicon is subjected to external forces and permeates along the earth's fault zone.Crystal is colorless transparent quartz crystal minerals, the main chemical component is silica, colorless, purple, yellow, green and tobacco color and other colors, with glass luster.Three conditions are required for the survival of the crystal: first, the pressure must reach more than 1,000 air pressure, second, the deep temperature at more than 570℃, and third, the molten rock must contain silicon nutrients.You have to have these three things,MT97Check with polarized mirror: rotating 360 degrees under the polarized mirror with four bright and four dark changes is natural crystal, no change is false crystal.