Matters needing attention for Nailable glass

- Jul 29, 2020-

Matters needing attention

1. In order to avoid unnecessary losses during transportation, it is necessary to fix and add soft pads.It is generally recommended that the method of transport be erected.The vehicle should also pay attention to maintain stable and slow speed.

2. If the other side of the glass installation is closed, please pay attention to clean the surface before installation.It is best to use a special glass cleaner, and to be dry after the proof of no stain before installation, installation is best to use clean building gloves.

3. For the installation of glass, silicone sealant shall be used for fixing. In the installation of Windows, it shall also be used with rubber sealant.

4, after the completion of construction, pay attention to the anti-collision warning signs, generally can be used to do not stick, color electrical tape and other tips.

5. Do not collide with sharp objects.

Nailable glass

The glass, developed at Mitsubishi Electronics Laboratories in Japan, is made by mixing boric acid glass powder with carbonized fiber and heating it to 1,000 degrees Celsius.It is the use of cemented carbide glass, its maximum breaking stress for the general glass more than 2 times, no brittle weakness, nails and wood screws, do not have to worry about breakage.

Non-reflective glass

The non-reflective glass, developed by Germany's SCHOTT Glass, has a light reflectivity of less than 1% (compared with 8% for typical glass), which solves the problem of reflective glass and blinding headaches.