Medium lead crystal glass

- Aug 26, 2019-

In 1979 by the provincial science and technology commission as a provincial scientific research project, and shall be borne by haimen glass factory in lead crystal glass after three or four years of efforts, now has made gratifying achievements, is developed in the various types of lead crystal cup thirty-six thousand seven hundred pieces, including seven varieties of more than three thousand dozen goblet full export Britain, welcome.Now foreign businessmen are writing to order, sales increase, can obtain a large number of foreign exchange for the country.

6, silk-screen printing: crystal surface with different color materials for effect treatment, color layer is thick, focus can fall off.

7, plating color: similar to the use of electroplating techniques in crystal surface with different colors, the layer is relatively thin, can be scratched by friction, scratch, because plating color is often located at the bottom, so the bottom of the plating color often use other objects attached, such as sheng xiaowen town.

8, sculpture: three-dimensional sense, high technology, fine work, high cost.Divide hand carve graph, machine carve character.

9, sandblasting: three-dimensional sense is weak, relatively flat, no concave and convex feeling, machine carving text, graphics, etc. After effect processing.Low cost and fast production.

10. Laser engraving: it adopts computer-assisted laser equipment to form three-dimensional patterns in crystal objects. With good artistic effect, it can express all kinds of patterns and patterns at will to achieve realistic effects