modern western glass technology

- Oct 24, 2019-

Abstract: at present, domestic and foreign researches on glass technology mainly focus on artistic works, artists, production techniques and art forms.Mainly from the perspective of technology and material science, research.In today's society, human beings rely on information technology both physically and spiritually, and all aspects of life have undergone earth-shaking changes.In the society of development and challenge, we should grasp the opportunity in time and grasp the pulse of development.This paper tries to start from another Angle, with Rene lalik's glass technology and works as the starting point, and tries to analyze the application of glass technology in art works, as well as its application value to contemporary art life.The paper is divided into four chapters.The first chapter mainly introduces the development process of glass technology, the concept and the development form of glass in each period.This paper introduces the development of world art design in a comprehensive, systematic and clear way, including design trend of thought, design movement, design school, designers and their works, and explores the changes of art history of design.The second chapter introduces the glass technology, with the production technology as the main line, specific analysis of Rene lalique's glass technology.The development of modern glass technology reflects the contemporary public nature. Starting from the combination of aesthetics and effectiveness, it breaks through the shackles of pragmatism in the narrow sense, considers more the integration of aesthetics and functions, and is more likely to include the personal feelings of the art creators themselves.;The third chapter introduces Rene lalique and his works.Many of larrick's glass and jewelry creations are the art nouveau movement...More and more

Key words: glass technology;Larry g.Natural style;