Naked eye identification of natural crystals

- Sep 16, 2019-

Abstract: due to the particularity of baoyu stone, the naked eye identification plays an important role in the identification of baoyu stone from raw stone to commodity.The naked eye identification of precious jade is a comprehensive observation and analysis of the crystal morphology, surface characteristics and inclusions of gem minerals by naked eye and 10x magnifying glass.With the popularity of crystal, all kinds of synthetic crystal and imitation crystal also fill the whole gem market.The naked eye appraisal of natural crystal, no matter to crystal dealer, appraisal professional personnel, or the vast number of jewelry consumers all have special significance.

Key words: visual identification;Crystal;Surface features;Inclusions;

crystalG00221. About crystal
Crystal role: Crystal can than fire, absorb positive, negative, negative energy, inspire spirituality, help meditation.
(1), spirit therapy: Crystal is love, care and life energy representative.
(2), in addition to collect value, crystal on TV can absorb the harmful radiations, reduce the pollution that occupy the home.
(3), the crystal in your pocket, hidden in the body, the absorption of energy around to minimise the body violation.
(4), crystal aesthetic feeling, happy affection raises a gender, reduce anguish, is to inspire electrical optimal "bring tangible body", making life smoothly.