Natural and artificial crystal identification

- Sep 12, 2019-

Deserve to wear natural crystal to taste already became the vogue that female consumer pursues to admire, the natural crystal with the same yi yi on the face of the market and man-made crystal, because it is difficult to identify its true and false, many consumers often mistake man-made crystal for natural crystal.Although day burns crystal and man-made crystal have a lot of similar place, but the appearance of both and immanence character do a few more when choose and buy comparison, it is not difficult to identify its true and false.

MT82Crystal is to have the cent of grade of quality, the element that affects crystal price is very much, unlike diamond with 4C ok judgement, so everybody should listen to more see more ability to distinguish truly come out.The general standard is the bigger the better, the more transparent the better, the more delicate the better color, the more typical the better shape.