Natural crystal process development

- Sep 11, 2019-

Abstract: the natural crystal jewelry in the family, it is widespread and common one of the oldest gem, has the very high ornamental value, technology value and certain health care function, this paper has carried on the business to natural crystal classification, and sums up the natural crystal technology development direction, make I save precious crystals can fully develop and utilize resources.

Key words: natural crystal;Process development;


(1) select the crystal glass and choose the corresponding crystal glass as the material for making the crystal frame according to the requirements of different customers;

(2) crystal glass cutting, using cutting equipment to cut the crystal glass into the set crystal phase frame;

(3) crystal glass washing mirror, grinding the crystal phase frame cut in step (2), and cleaning the dust;

(4) hand bonding of crystal glass, the cut crystal glass will be fixed by the way of stop bonding;

(5) the crystal glass sheets are glued together. The sheets of crystal glass fixed by manual bonding are used to bond all parts into one;

(6) filled with diamonds, in the adjacent two pieces of crystal glass jar into decorative masonry, and fixed with transparent sealant;