Original around the crystal carving process

- Sep 04, 2019-

Crystal product scene to win a cheer god!Only use liquid gas, oxygen to rent three tweezers, can be able to produce more than 2000 kinds of different forms according to the requirements of customers, unique modeling, exquisite crystal crafts to come, this technology can be called a must.Shandong linyi innovation technology factory official jilian factory director is the real owner of this round carving crystal technology.In those days, he relied on this craft, riding a tricycle to visit the surrounding provinces and cities, do sell crystal products now, won the love of consumers.Everywhere he went, people were curious to see, have bought, and praised the sticks in the fire on a fire can make such fine crafts.After a year's fund accumulation, gjilian established an innovative craft factory in 1989, specializing in the production of crystal handicrafts such as interior carving, interior painting and crystal image.

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