physicochemical property of crystal

- Aug 19, 2019-

Rock Crystal is a kind of Quartz Crystal mineral, its main chemical composition is silica, chemical formula is SiO2.Western countries believe that as long as is transparent is Crystal (Crystal), so the word Crystal contains colorless transparent glass (K9 class, ordinary glass blue), also contains natural Crystal ore.Is China's ancient name of crystal water extract, water garden, jade, crystal, such as a dozen call, in the and han three figure will Suan Ni purification.Therefore, in order to make it easier to distinguish, Rockcrystal is commonly used internationally to refer to natural crystals.A well-developed single crystal is a hexagonal cone, so it is usually a block or granular aggregate, usually colorless, gray, milky white, purple, red, smoke, tea, etc. 

Silicon dioxide is crystal when it crystallizes perfectly;The imperfect crystal is quartz: silica

The crystal

When it's gelatinized and dehydrated it's agate;The silica aqueous colloid solidifies into opal;When silica grains are smaller than a few microns, chalcedony, chert and secondary quartzite are formed.

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