Research on glassware in sui and tang dynasties

- Sep 17, 2019-

Glass is a kind of silicate non-metallic material with silica as raw material, which has a history of more than 4000 years.Although glass is not a specialty of China, Chinese glass is a unique branch in the history of world glass.During the sui and tang dynasties, a large number of glassware were unearthed in China, both homemade in China and exotic, such as sassan-style polished glassware and islamic style engraved glassware.In the past, scholars' researches on glass wares in sui and tang dynasties were mostly independent researches on glassware unearthed in a certain excavation or reviews on glassware of a certain special category, lacking systematic researches, which is far from enough to fully understand glass wares in sui and tang dynasties.Sui and tang dynasties of the glass products, has a role, which forms a connecting link between the preceding category model not only traditional dishes on the cup, bowl, dish, also added many new shape such as egg machine, hair is more popular in tang dynasty to the period with glass ornaments, but the glass is still has a very high position in society, more to the royal family and etiquette.With the popularity of Buddhism in China, glass ware is also a popular buriary in Buddhism.At this time, the glassware presented the characteristics of coexistence of domestic glass and imported glass. Not only Chinese traditional high-lead glass can be produced in China, but also it has been proved that the glassware with Chinese traditional style made of western traditional sodium and calcium materials can be produced.Most of the imported glassware are sassan-style glassware and islamic-style glassware, and most of these western glassware are imported through the silk road.AT150