Synthetic crystal handicrafts are sold well on the spot

- Sep 04, 2019-

A field production of synthetic crystal handicrafts in linyi has become a hot spot, this process investment funds, no store without marketing experience, is unemployed or small investors a way to make money.The synthetic crystal handicraft that this kind of spot makes, not be general copy crystal colophony handicraft, can be used at optical and nontoxic synthetic crystal however, mix together with natural crystal, distinguish true and false very hard, with its production handicraft, need a piece of table to do workbench only, a bottle of liquefied gas is used at heating.The production process is simple, the crystal handicrafts are bright, beautiful, high grade, high profit and low cost.A man who does this business in this city is always surrounded by people.


1:Description: New Sanhe Crystal Crafts

2. Model Scale: As per your requirement

3. Export Market: Global

4. Producing Area: Pujiang of China

5. Material: K9 Crystal

6. Color: As per your requirement

7. Species: As per your requirement

8. High quality and Excellent condition