The beauty of the crystal

- Sep 12, 2019-

Quartz Crystal is a large, colorless, transparent mineral of Quartz.It is crystallized in a natural environment at a certain temperature and pressure. The composition is silica.The chemical formula is Si02.Most of the colors are colorless and transparent (a small amount of impurities are mixed due to the environmental changes during the crystallization process, forming purple, brown, green, gold filaments, coral and other forms), with a hardness of 6~8 and a melting point of 1713℃. Pure natural crystal is the best optical material.Natural crystal is also known as quartz stone, in China the oldest name is "water jade ", meaning like water jade.Today, because of the crystal inside the package of a variety of shapes, vivid and highly ornamental, collection value.MT86- 1Duration of illumination: natural crystal vertically placed in the sun, no matter from which Angle to see it, can release beautiful luster.Not for fake crystals.