the desciption of crystal perfume bottle

- Dec 06, 2019-

Water bottle decoration

Perfume bottles with delicate and elegant decoration play a decisive role in attracting women's visual attention.The surface of carved flower, beautiful and unsurpassed flower bottle cap, some even act the role of tie bowknot with the hand, make the visual art of perfume bottle and the olfactory art of perfume have equal appreciation value.

Fold and edit this water bottle shape

Perfume bottles have been made in a variety of shapes.In addition to the square, circle, heart, crescent, cone, inverted trapezoid and other shapes that can be described, there are many shapes that cannot be described by language.

Fold and edit the color of this water bottle

The colour of perfume bottle is abnormally rich, the perfume bottle of transparent such as general glass crystal is in the majority with light color, if shallow lemon is yellow, shallow orange, shallow green, shallow blue to wait a moment, especially with shallow lemon yellow most, that is because lemon yellow and the colour and lustre of most perfume match very much, and can give a person with pure and fresh and refreshing clean feeling.pack-2