The development and present situation of printed glass

- Sep 17, 2019-

This paper briefly introduces the national glass art center, this paper expounds the origin and development of screen printing technology history, and the current situation in the UK at the national center for glass art, analyzed the national glass art center in the artist's works and the author of a series of works, emphasizes the importance of the temperature control in printing glass art, this article also especially for the developing tendency of expectations and to screen printing glass.AT159Thanks to the dedication and innovation of our great team, we have grown into the leading award-making company domestically. They are the Philippines designers, energetic sculpter, skillful moulding technician, hard-working employees, nice salesperson and kind & considerate customer-service girls. Up until now, we have succefully developed and manufactured a series of classic products, which were under domestic and international Patents. Inspired by the world famous Awards , we equipped our products with esthetics and mechanics, so as to make the award a perfect combination of honor & art.