The difference between crystal and glass

- Apr 20, 2019-

A.Material is different

A crystal is a crystal of silicon dioxide, while glass is only a molten mixture containing silicon dioxide.

2.Effect of different

Glass only has decorative effect, and crystal in addition to decorative effect, there are piezoelectric effect, has a special health effect.

3.The price is different

The unit price of crystal is several or even dozens of times higher than that of glass.

Four.Different physical properties

1.Crystal is crystallization, have taller hardness (mo's 7 class), and the hardness of glass is inferior, (mo's 5.5 class), crystal can draw a mark on glass, cannot conversely.

2.Crystal is crystallization, thermal conductivity is better, touch with the tip of the tongue has a feeling of cold.The glass is warm.

3.With polarizer difference, crystal can pass light, but glass is not.

We can easily distinguish between crystal and glass according to their different physical properties.

Five.Different processing technology

Glass can be formed by hot casting, saving material and labor cost.

Crystals are crystallized and cannot be reversed after heating and melting, so they cannot be formed by hot casting, but only by cutting and grinding and other cold processing methods.Cost of materials and labor, high cost.

The crystal is hard and resistant to wear and tear.Glass has low hardness and is easy to rub.

Crystal stability is good, long - term use will not change color.Glass turns yellow easily.

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