The distinction between natural and synthetic crystals

- Sep 12, 2019-

In addition, there is a kind of color changing crystal on the market, which is made by intense irradiation with radioactive isotopic cobalt 60.Colour - changing crystal colour is not naturally soft and fades over time.Cobalt 60 irradiation can only make colorless people show tobacco color or light tobacco color into a deep tobacco color, but so far the natural crystal can not be changed to purple, blue-green, etc., in order to improve its value.But amethysts can fade and appear yellow.

MT84natural crystal in the formation process, often affected by the environment always contain some impurities, to the sun, you can see light uniform fine horizontal grain or catkin material.And false crystal USES incomplete crystal slag, glass slag melting, after polishing processing, pigmentation imitation and into, no uniform stripes, catkins.