The exquisite crystal trophy is the best witness of your honor

- Aug 23, 2018-

The crystal trophy, hence the name, is a kind of honor certification obtained through hard work. From ancient times to the present, how many people go to the fire and the fire, in the past, in ancient times, the imperial decree of the emperor was regarded as a supreme honor. Nowadays, from the certificate of the primary school students, The medals of the middle school era, the honorary certificate of the university era, the trophy of the social activities of the social organizations, the real thing that represents the honor is progressing bit by bit, the crystal trophy has become various, and there are stainless steel trophies. Gold-plated gold cups, silver-plated silver cups, crystal trophies, trophies of various materials come on stage, fighting for beauty! Among them, due to the influence of price and material, the crystal trophy is the most eye-catching in this era of high-speed development. The crystal trophy is made of crystal clear material, exquisite and unique shape, noble and fashionable, and modern technology will be crystal. The trophy is made to perfection, not only has a smooth and holy appearance, but also incorporates various modern techniques, hand-carved, and laser engraving to perfectly interpret and interpret the crystal trophy!

As a company that makes crystal trophies, crystal trophy manufacturers, from design, production, lettering, etc., strive to be exquisite. Each crystal trophy is made to order, professionally tailored to create a surprise. The crystal trophy is elegant and beautifully designed. Today's crystal trophy styles are numerous and full of all aspects of our lives, but do you know the origin of the crystal trophy? No, it should be the origin of the trophy. In fact, the origin of the trophy is an allusion. The ancient Greek sports spirit emphasizes the competition of strength, speed, height and skill, and pays attention to physical strength and beauty. The winner of the competition is a superb hero who will be rewarded with a trophy. The winner must drink alcohol for the loser, and the loser should drink with a large glass. For the winners, they are reminded not to be arrogant, but also to have a heart of respect; for the losers to drink is a penalty, because they are not up to standard in both skills and virtues, need to be warned. The shape of the Olympic medal trophy medal is an enlarged wine glass, and the allusion is derived from this. Later, people gave the love cup to the winners of the sports competition. Individuals and groups, as long as they won the competition, they can be admired and presented with a crystal trophy or crystal medal for congratulations. The modern crystal trophy is derived from this love cup. Until now, the trophy still retains the traces of the year. Such as the crystal trophy is usually relatively large, these characteristics are left behind by the love cup. These stories represent how the crystal trophy evolved, and we should cherish this honor from ancient times.

The first-class crystal trophy is custom designed and processed, but the price is very good. Each crystal trophy is made of high-grade white crystal and black crystal, blue crystal, yellow crystal and other crystals, such as crystal of each game. The trophy, as well as professional crystal trophies such as various levels of activities, are the best witnesses of your honor, and the glory of the years will last forever.