The identity editor of the crystal trophy

- May 25, 2019-

1. Observation: natural crystal always contains some impurities in the formation process, which is often affected by the environment. When observing the sun, you can see the light and even small horizontal lines or catkins.And false crystal USES the crystal slag of incomplete times more, vitreous slag smelt, process burnish is processed, chromatic imitate and become, without even stripe, catkin shape material.

Tongue licking: even in the hot summer dog days, using the tongue to lick the surface of natural crystal, also has a cold and cool feeling.False crystal, do not have cool feeling.

Lighting: natural crystals stand upright in the sun and shine beautifully from any Angle.Fake crystals don't.

4 hardness: the hardness of natural crystal is large, with gravel on the jewelry gently draw, will not leave traces;If there are striations, it is false crystal.

5. Polarizer inspection: when rotating 360 degrees under polarizer, the one with four light and four dark changes is natural crystal, while the one with no change is false crystal.

Use dichroic check: natural amethyst has dichroic, and false crystal has no dichroic.

7. Check with a magnifying glass: check with a magnifying glass at 10 times the transmission light, can find the bubble can be basically as false crystal.

8 with hair check: crystal on a hair, the human eye through the crystal can see hair double shadow, it is natural crystal, mainly because crystal has birefringence.

9 with the thermal conductivity instrument detection: thermal conductivity instrument adjusted to green 4 test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2, and false crystal does not rise, when the area is large to rise to a yellow.