The most routine identification methods for crystal crafts

- Oct 12, 2018-

Eye view: Natural crystals generally have flocculent (mian), which is commonly known as 瑕疵, which is a small hole in the liquid water and carbon dioxide, and synthetic crystals will not have such characteristics.

Crystal is a grade of color, which affects the price of the crystal. It is not like diamonds can be judged by 4C, so you have to listen more and see more to compare. The general standard is that the larger the crystal stone, the better, the better the better, the more delicate the color, the more typical the shape is. However, the most important thing is that you like it, and there are several ways to identify the authenticity when purchasing:

(1) Seeing: Natural crystals are often affected by environmental influences during the formation process. When viewed from the sun, you can see a faint uniform small horizontal stripes or catkins. The fake crystals are often smelted with crystal slag and glass slag. After polishing and coloring, there is no uniform streaks or catkins.

(2) Tongue: Even in the hot summer days, using the tongue to lick the surface of the natural crystal, there is a cold and cool feeling. Fake crystals have no cool feeling.

(3) Illumination: The natural crystal is placed under the sun, and no matter which angle it is viewed, it can give off beautiful brilliance. Fake crystals can't.

(4) Hardness: The hardness of the natural crystal is large. Use the gravel to gently stroke the ornament, leaving no traces; if there are streaks, it is a fake crystal.

(5) Check with a polarizer: 360 degrees under the polarizer is a natural crystal with four dark and four dark changes, and no change is a fake crystal.

(6) Check with two colors: natural amethyst has dichroism, and fake crystal has no dichroism.

(7) Check with a magnifying glass: Under the transmitted light with a ten-fold magnifying glass, the bubble can be found as a fake crystal.

(8) Check with hair: only for round crystal balls. Put the crystal ball on a hairline, and the human eye can see the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is a crystal ball. Mainly because the crystal is birefringent. However, this does not distinguish between natural crystals, crystals and smelting crystals. Only distinguish other substances such as glass.