The Professional process of crystal

- Jun 17, 2020-

Cutting, pressing, rough polishing, fine polishing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

Faceted, planar, faceted plus planar and hand carved.

Folding processing

(1), cutting: the whole material to the high speed saw blade saw the shape and size of the blank.

(2) pressing blank: to mold the required size and shape of the finished product, and then add high temperature to 900℃ above the raw material melting, flow into the mold, die casting.

(3), coarse polishing: is to die out of the wool embryo, diamond disc directly grinding out of the finished line.

(4), fine polishing: in the coarse polishing, polishing powder to grind the finished product until crystal clear.

5, drilling: is in the crystal before the finished product is not completed, according to the required size and location of the hole, to drill processing, such as watchmaking, pen container, bottle hole, etc.

6, silk-screen printing: crystal surface with a different color for effect processing, color level is thicker, focus can fall off.

7, plating color: similar to the use of electroplating techniques in crystal surface with different colors, the layer is relatively thin, by friction can scratch,;Scratch, because the plating color is often located at the bottom, so the bottom of the plating color often use other objects attached, such as sheng xiaowen town.

8, carving: three-dimensional sense of strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost.Divide hand carve graph, machine carve character.

9, sandblasting: three-dimensional sense of weak, more flat, no concave and convex, machine carving text, graphics, etc. after the effect processing.Low cost and fast production.

10.Laser engraving: with computer-assisted laser equipment in the crystal object on the molding of three-dimensional patterns, good artistic effect, can be arbitrary expression of all kinds of patterns, graphics, achieve vivid effect