the young force pushing forward the art of glass

- Sep 17, 2019-

The development of glass art not only needs the growth of young artists and the strength of the school's studio, but also needs the attention of the whole society to this type of art.Different from ceramics, glass has been playing an unremarkable role in China's brilliant history of arts and crafts, and the social attention and recognition is far less than other crafts such as ceramics and metal.We still need to do more to promote the development of glass art.Recently, we have met some young people who are interested in the glass industry. Some of them are just entering the society, and some are even just enthusiasts.However, they have a passion, or use the Internet, magazines and other modern media to promote the glass art;Or build a personal studio;Or devote oneself to glass adornment company to be engaged in a design, for, just in the heart that is pair of glass persistent dream.AT154

1. About crystal

Crystal role: Crystal can than fire, absorb positive, negative, negative energy, inspire spirituality, help meditation.

(1), spirit therapy: Crystal is love, care and life energy representative.

(2), in addition to collect value, crystal on TV can absorb the harmful radiations, reduce the pollution that occupy the home.

(3), the crystal in your pocket, hidden in the body, the absorption of energy around to minimise the body violation.

(4), crystal aesthetic feeling, happy affection raises a gender, reduce anguish, is to inspire electrical optimal "bring tangible body", making life smoothly.