Trial production of lead crystal glass

- Aug 26, 2019-

Crystal glass is a kind of high art glass, which has a bright surface and much larger transmittance, refractive index and specific gravity than ordinary glass.The crystal glass that points to at present mostly is the crystal glass that contains lead oxide or barium oxide.Lead crystalline glass is the main variety of crystalline glass. Its basic components are K2O, PbO and SiO2 glass, which are usually divided into three types according to the content of PbO.Medium lead crystal glass with PbO less than 25%;Glass with PbO less than 10% is considered low lead quality.In order to expand foreign trade and meet the increasing needs of domestic people, lead crystal glass has become increasingly important. It often represents the level of a country's glassware industry.At present, Czech crystal glassware enjoys a high reputation in the world

A. the process of filling and drilling the photo frame includes the following steps :

(1) select the crystal glass and choose the corresponding crystal glass as the material for making the crystal frame according to the requirements of different customers;

(2) crystal glass cutting, using cutting equipment to cut the crystal glass into the set crystal phase frame;

(3) crystal glass washing mirror, grinding the crystal phase frame cut in step (2), and cleaning the dust;

(4) hand bonding of crystal glass, the cut crystal glass will be fixed by the way of stop bonding;