150th Birthday Of Big Ben Crafts

- Nov 15, 2019-

Big Ben celebrated its 150th birthday on May 31, 2009, and first chimed on the hour on July 11, 1859.Big Ben runs out of power every three days, so they have to climb up it three times a week to wind it, according to the British clockmaker in charge.They can also adjust the speed of Big Ben by adjusting the small COINS placed above the pendulum.Adding a penny, for example, is the equivalent of setting your watch 0.4 seconds faster in a day.Time is money, it seems, and Big Ben is a good example.(1 pound =100 pence)


About crystal crafts

Crystal role: Crystal can than fire, absorb positive, negative, negative energy, inspire spirituality, help meditation.

(1), spirit therapy: Crystal is love, care and life energy representative.

(2), in addition to collect value, crystal on TV can absorb the harmful radiations, reduce the pollution that occupy the home.

(3), the crystal in your pocket, hidden in the body, the absorption of energy around to minimise the body violation.

(4), crystal aesthetic feeling, happy affection raises a gender, reduce anguish, is to inspire electrical optimal "bring tangible body", making life smoothly.