- Mar 25, 2020-

Novel coronavirus 2019 (2019-ncov), named by the world health organization on January 12, 2020, was detected due to a case of viral pneumonia in wuhan in 2019.

Since December 2019, influenza and related diseases have been continuously monitored in wuhan, hubei province, and a number of cases of viral pneumonia have been detected, all of which have been diagnosed as viral pneumonia/lung infection.The new pneumonia is transmitted from person to person.The state health commission of the People's Republic of China has decided to put the pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus under the administration of class b of infectious diseases prescribed by law, and to take preventive and control measures for class a infectious diseases.As at 2100 hours on 7 January 2020, a novel coronavirus was detected in the laboratory.On January 20, xi jinping issued important instructions on the outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, stressing that the safety and health of the people should be put first and the spread of the epidemic should be firmly contained.On January 30, 2020, the world health organization (who) announced that the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus was a public health emergency of international concern. It stressed that it did not recommend travel and trade restrictions, and reaffirmed China's prevention and control measures.On 11 March, the director-general of the world health organization (who), Teresa tandesay, declared that novel coronavirus had become a global pandemic.


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The COVID-19 spread seriously all over the world, Hope everything fine with all of you!


At present, in order to be safe: please you should

1. Try to stay at home. Avoid crowded areas.

2. Wear a mask when you going out

3. Wash your hands frequently 

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