A Brief Analysis Of The Decline Of Glass

- Aug 26, 2019-

The western Renaissance glass technology has been comparable with the prosperity of Chinese ceramics, and the emergence of China's glass technology is not behind the western countries, as early as in the warring states period, China's glass technology has made a lot of achievements.However, with the change of dynasties and the gradual decline of the song, yuan and Ming dynasties, the literature on textual research is also very few.This paper thinks that this period is influenced by many factors.Through the evidence of historical materials and documents, further clarify the reasons behind the decline.This will make up for the development of glass technology in song, yuan and Ming dynasties with valuable supplementary value.

3. Don't let the crystal artifacts get too close to each other, or when you run into one of them, the others will fall over because of the domino effect.Ensure to act the role of ark is firm and reliable, shake not easily.

4. If you want to store crystal crafts for a long time, do not use foamed adhesive paper or plastic bags.This kind of packaging can increase the temperature and cause damage to the crystal.In the meantime, must not store crystal attic or cellar, lest they place themselves in abominable environment.