A Way To Tell The Truth Crystal

- Aug 21, 2019-

Crystal is to have the cent of grade of quality, the element that affects crystal price is very much, unlike diamond with 4C ok judgement, so everybody should listen to more see more ability to distinguish truly come out.The general standard is the bigger the better, the more transparent the better, the more delicate the better color, the more typical the better shape.However, the most important thing is that you like it, and there are several ways to identify the authenticity of the purchase:

1, natural crystal in the formation process, often affected by the environment always contain some impurities, to the sun, you can see light uniform fine horizontal grain or catkin material.And false crystal USES incomplete crystal slag, glass slag melting, after polishing processing, pigmentation imitation and into, no uniform stripes, catkins.

2.The tongue lick: even in the dog days of hot summer, with the tongue lick natural crystal surface, also have cold and cool feeling, and there will be a little fragrance.False crystal, there is no cool feeling.

3.Duration of illumination: natural crystal vertically placed in the sun, no matter from which Angle to see it, can release beautiful luster.Not for fake crystals.

4.Hardness: natural crystal hardness is large, with gravel in jewelry on a gentle stroke, will not leave traces;If there are streaks, it's a fake crystal.

5. Check with polarized mirror: rotating 360 degrees under the polarized mirror with four bright and four dark changes is natural crystal, no change is false crystal.

6 dichromatic examination: natural amethyst dichroism, pseudocrystal no dichroism.

7.Use a magnifying glass for inspection: use a tenfold magnifying glass under transmitted light to find bubbles that are essentially fake crystals.

8.Check: being supplied with a human hair is limited to a round crystal ball.Put the crystal ball on a hair, the human eye can see through the crystal hair double shadow, is the crystal ball.Mainly because crystals are birefringent.However, it is impossible to distinguish between natural crystals, eutrophic crystals and fused crystals.Only distinguish glass and other substances.

9.levies with thermal conductivity meter detection: thermal conductivity meter to adjust to the green 4 g test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2, and false crystal does not rise, when the area is large to rise to the yellow one.