Clock And Watch Tools Of Crystal Crafts

- Dec 31, 2019-

Commonly used tools mainly for the following four kinds

1. Clock calibration meter, calibration meter is an essential test instrument for maintenance of mechanical watches.It is mainly used to measure the speed of the clock.Paper tape recording calibrator can also be based on the shape of the record line to check the defects in the work of the watch, to determine the cause of the fault.There are many kinds of calibrator, there are digital display, there are paper tape recording.Paper tape recording forks can be divided into two types: one is to record figures (lines), and the other is to record Numbers.It is advisable to use a chart for maintenance.When calibrating the watch, put the watch under test on the microphone 8, the handle head should be placed in a fixed clamp, and then clamp the watch with a movable fork.By turning the microphone box, the instantaneous diurnal difference of six different positions of the watch can be measured.

2. Clock amplitude meter machinery, the amplitude of the clock is generally measured on the amplitude meter.The amplitude meter is divided into pointer type, light point type and digital type.The main products are the pointer type amplituometers made by the grenner factory in Switzerland.Since the design principle of the amplitude meter is related to the full rising Angle of the pendulum wheel, and the full rising Angle of the pendulum wheel is a parameter determined when designing the machine center, the value of the full rising Angle of the pendulum wheel is different for different types of the machine center.Mechanical table center of the balance wheel full rising Angle parameters are different, in order to measure the amplitude of the selection.If the amplitude of the center of the machine is specified in advance at 200.- 280.When the pointer enters this range, indicator light 3 will be on.The choice of measuring range is realized by adjusting the A, B and c regulators on the top of the amplitude meter.

3. Horological microscope, stereoscopic microscope commonly known as the double tube microscope.It is a kind of microscope for developing stereoscopic sensation.Magnification is generally within the range of 4 to 100 times, with 10 gears.By means of stereoscopic microscope, the quartz watch and its components can be magnified for careful observation.In general, wear inch mirror repair table is ok, but the magnification of inch mirror is limited.The stop table caused by the part burr, or between parts and parts as if the rub caused by the stop table, and parts of the dense damage defects, sometimes with an inch lens is not easy to observe, if observed under the stereoscopic microscope, the cause is clear at a glance.In addition, to repair the unfamiliar machine core, in advance under the stereoscopic microscope, it is necessary to understand the structure of each part of the machine core.

Clock demagnetization, whether in the work, or in daily life, the application of electrical equipment is increasingly widespread.Electrical equipment inevitably generates a magnetic field when it works.When the watch is close to a strong magnetic field, Swiss watch parts will be magnetized to varying degrees.Magnetized mechanical watches generally go fast.When the strength of the magnetic field continued to increase, and the magnetized gossamers bonded to each other, the watch stopped.Once the manipulator is found to have a magnetic strap, it must be demagnetized on the demagnetization device.