Coloured Glaze Belongs To The Art Of High Value

- Apr 20, 2019-

Coloured glaze belongs to the art of high value, there are two reasons: first, the ancient glass material is special, and its production process is quite complex, fire, water, to dozens of processes to complete, some light production process is 10 to 20 days, and mainly rely on manual.It is rather difficult to grasp each link, and it can be said that it is half by skill and half by luck.Come out only, yield rate is only 70%.More importantly, the ancient law is not recycled glass, that is to say, once there is a little problem, a few days, dozens of procedures, how many people's efforts will be wasted immediately.Second, coloured glaze is not only a kind of material, but also a kind of cultural products, more importantly, coloured glaze products are unique, there are no two identical coloured glaze products.


In recent years, a large number of low-priced "water coloured glaze" products have appeared on the market.In the dialect customs of most parts of China, "shuihuo" means "fake" or "imitation", so the real meaning is "fake glass".Water coloured glaze is a transparent resin glue and pigment poured into the resin products, its characteristics are low cost, low technical content, simple process, easy to mass production, and the difference between coloured glaze mainly in:

1, the resin refractive index is low and the texture of the product is different, the water glass lacks the crystal feeling of lead crystal glass.

2, weight difference, the weight of water glass is about 30% of the glass.

3, water glass easy aging, color instability.