Common Flaws In Folded Crystals

- Aug 21, 2019-

Common flaws in folded crystals

 1. hidden crack

In transparent crystals, hidden cracks appear in shiny sheets and sometimes have a halo effect.These cracks are crystal in the growth process, encounter external force compression and internal production of some invisible cracks, hidden cracks in hibiscus stone, amethyst, white crystal ball and white crystal column are very common.Some of the cracks are then filled with material to form a closed crack, that is, the original crack persists.This crack has a relatively small effect on the crystal.

2. Cotton, mist or slag like package, impurities in the transparent crystal internal haze phenomenon or feel inside like there is cottons, slag like material like the package, the existence of the package, affect the overall beauty of the crystal.Still have crystal inside local contain black spot or the Porky material of other color, with crystal whole not harmonious, be regarded as the impurity of crystal, the crystal that has this kind of impurity is inferior product.

3. The crack

After crystal is formed, as a result of external force action or some kind of man-made reason makes crystal produce big fissure or crack, this kind of crack has greatly small, also have the cent of size to the effect of crystal.

4. Growth defect

Potholes on the surface of the crystal, some deep, some shallow, are formed naturally as the crystal grows, not as a result of man-made damage.The defect site originally contained other mineral crystals, but due to the weak binding force between the inclusion and the crystal binding site, when the surface was polished, the ore body fell off, leaving gaps.This defect is common in green ghost, titanium crystal and gold hair crystal.

⒌ damage

Damage refers to the crystal because of processing or accidentally dropped, collision and other reasons, man-made damage.It can be a break, it can be a pit, etc.