Crypto Crystalline Varieties Of Glass

- Aug 20, 2019-

Crypto crystalline Varieties;Aphanitic class

Cryptocrystalline crystals are lumpy in appearance, not hexagonal clusters, but they are also hexagonal.However, we can not see their hexagonal crystals with the naked eye, because the size of the crystals is so small that we need the help of a microscope to see the hexagonal crystals.Such crystals are very smooth, because the crystals are filled with "hydrated silica," and agates fall into this category.

quality inspection, packaging.

Faceted, planar, faceted plus planar and hand carved.

Folding processing

(1), cutting: the whole material to the high speed saw blade saw the shape and size of the blank.

(2) pressing blank: to mold the required size and shape of the finished product, and then add high temperature to 900℃ above the raw material melting, flow into the mold, die casting.

(3), coarse polishing: is to die out of the wool embryo, diamond disc directly grinding out of the finished line.

(4), fine polishing: in the coarse polishing, polishing powder to grind the finished product until crystal clear.

3crystal careful grinding