Crystal Crafts Shine Brilliantly

- Aug 12, 2019-

Through the ages, there is nothing more beautiful and precious than precious stones.It is often compared to the tears of a chaste maiden, to the stars on a summer night, to the wisdom of a saint, to the essence of everything on earth.Crystal is one of the most common and oldest gems.Ancient people called it "water jade "," water essence ", the millennium ice into water essence.There is a poem :" west lake wild monk boast ice, six months into a true water."Its main chemical composition is silica, belongs to hexagonal crystal system, is a six-prism body, high hardness (mohler grade 7), specific weight (2.65) (SiO2), refractive index is strong Ne=1.544,No=1.553, heat conductivity is good, mainly used in the electronics industry.Crystal clusters colorless and transparent, beautiful extraordinary, when the crystal contains different qualitative elements, can show yellow, purple, ink, green, tea and other colors, the crystal texture is fine, dazzling, crystal clear, focused energy storage.This is a good jewelry handicraft processing material, can give full play to its artistic, aesthetic, decorative, noble and health care value.

We carry several styles of awards including Optic Crystal Towers, Obelisks, Glass Awards, Plaques, Crystal Vases, Bowls, Trophy Cups, Globe Awards, Executive Gifts, Photo Frames, Glass Drinkware, Paperweights, Clocks, Pen Sets, Office Desk Accessories, and more! All of our products will be personalized with a deep etch sandblasting, laser engraving, or color imprinting method.