Crystal Trophy Customization: The Identification Of Natural Crystal And Artificial Crystal

- Jan 05, 2019-

Crystal Crafts: There are a lot of synthetic crystals on the market today, so it is hard to prevent them. How to identify natural crystals and synthetic crystals?

The chemical composition of artificial crystals and natural crystals is silica, and high-purity silica is called "crystal".

Natural crystal is a transparent quartz crystal with hexagonal columnar crystals. It is difficult to find natural crystals without impurities, most of which contain bubbles, impurities, and crystal turbidity. The artificial crystal is made of raw quartz sand and refined through a series of processes, and then refined by fine cutting technology and flawless grinding. The crystal is pure and transparent, making up for the deficiency of natural crystal.

To identify natural crystals and artificial crystals, experts can be identified by special instruments, or they can be identified by the following methods:

First, the eye view. Natural crystals generally have a flocculent "cotton", which is a small hole in liquid water and carbon dioxide, and artificial crystals do not have this feature. You can carefully observe the selected crystal under the light. If it contains small or trace impurities and inclusions, it means natural crystal; if the crystal is very pure, you should be extra cautious. Because natural crystals contain more or less impurities, and artificial crystals are relatively pure, it is difficult to mix impurities. In addition, the natural crystal has parallel stripes on the cylinder surface, and the artificial crystal has no parallel stripes.

Second, the handcuffs method. Natural crystal is heavier than glass. Put the crystal in your hand and rub it. If it has a heavy feeling, it is a natural crystal. If it is lighter, it may be artificial crystal.

Third, considerate. The thermal conductivity of natural crystal is better than that of artificial crystal. Put the crystal in the brain. If there is a cold feeling, it is natural crystal. Otherwise, it may be artificial crystal.