Crystal Trophy Maintenance

- Oct 11, 2018-

The crystal trophy medal making process is the transparency of the fluorite jade from micro-transparent to opaque. The more opaque white jade used as a medal, the better. Because the white jade with high transparency is easy to see impurities and stone, and it is set on the metal card, you will see the cushion pad inside, which will not achieve the beautiful effect.

The maintenance of the crystal medal is actually very simple. Just use the ordinary cleaning solution to water the water, place the product to be cleaned, wash it with a soft brush or hand, rinse it with water, and take it out to dry. When you are half dry, wipe it off with a soft towel, leaving no water marks or fingerprints. Try to avoid cleaning with alkaline, acidic and alcohol-based cleaning agents to avoid corrosion of the product. In addition, trophies and other utensils should reduce the heating time to avoid yellowing. Do not wait until the water is dry before wiping, because the water will leave water marks, so it must be wiped when it is half dry.

In the crystal market, the new round of crystal collection is in full swing, whether it is crystal or stone crafts or crystal antiques have a new trend in the crystal market. Luo Jie said that from the perspective of collection, the collection of crystal handicrafts must first look at the texture, good crystal crafts, the material texture is pure, transparent, and lubricated; second, look at the processing technology, good crystal crafts not only must fully show the external beauty of crystal products, Also to maximize the beauty of its art.

A crystal craft called art can be a double crystal of nature and craftsmanship. It not only reflects the magic of nature, but also shows the craftsmanship of the craftsman. It is usually expensive and has a high collection. value. As for the identification of crystal raw materials, it is not too difficult at present, so the collection of modern crystal crafts mainly depends on the collector's artistic appreciation ability.