Crystal Trophy Material Crystal And Glass How To Distinguish

- Jul 12, 2018-

The difference between crystal and glass The appearance of crystal and glass is very similar, but it is two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:

1. Material Different crystals are crystals of silica, and glass is only a molten state mixture containing silica.

2. The effect of different glasses is only decorative, and the crystal has a piezoelectric effect in addition to the decorative effect, which has special health effects.

3. The price of different crystals is several times or even several times higher than that of glass.

4. Physical properties are different

1. Crystal is a crystal with a high hardness (Mohs 7), while the hardness of the glass is low (Mohs 5.5), crystal can mark on the glass, and vice versa.

2. Crystal is a crystal body with good thermal conductivity, and it feels cold with the tip of the tongue. The glass is warm.

3. Different by polarizing mirror, crystal can transmit light, but glass can't.

We can easily distinguish them based on the different physical properties of crystal and glass.

V. Processing Process Different glass can be hot-casted, saving labor and labor costs. Crystal is a crystal, which cannot be reversed after heating and melting. Therefore, it cannot be used in the hot casting method, and only cold working such as cutting or grinding can be used. It costs a lot of money and costs. The crystal is hard and hard to wear. The glass has a low hardness and is easy to rub. The crystal has good stability and will not change color when used for a long time. The glass is easy to yellow.