Crystal Winter Love Song

- Sep 11, 2019-

Crystal, only this word has let a person feel spirituality unceasingly.Slowly close, reiki threatening, really does not deserve to be a rare gift of nature to people.Winter is not the season when the crystal sleeps.The pendant on fashionable mobile phone, the ear stud on delicate earlobe, the collar flower on coat collar and belt on waist...Crystal natural beauty, add the day after tomorrow of stylist design and carve, to this season we sent a visual feast.There is no summer sunshine to cater to, but there is the graceful glory in the warm winter sun.


White ghost crystal: represents purity, for spiritual.

Red ghost crystal: on behalf of business development and prosperity.

Golden hair crystal: most beautiful, supreme.

Red hair crystal: warm and lively.

Yellow hair jing: prosperous, flourishing.

Black hair crystal: partial wealth, solution.