Culture And Art In Dubai

- Sep 28, 2019-

Culture and art


The clothes here are a paradise for women compared to those in Saudi Arabia's Islamic countries. Although the local women still want to wrap themselves in black gowns, they can't show anything except their eyes and beauty, but other non-Muslims are very relaxed. Even many Europeans and Americans who come to travel wear suspenders, vest shorts and skirts, bare breasts and legs, and no one interferes. But not in Sharjah. Women's clothes must cover under their shoulders. Skirts should not be above their knees.

Traditional costumes: The traditional Arab costumes worn in Dubai and throughout the Gulf are designed to adapt to the local hot climate and religious beliefs. The clothes men wear are known as "kandoura" or "dishdasha", usually loose ankle-length clothes made of white cotton, and sometimes dark, heavily woven clothes in winter. Women in the United Arab Emirates wear long-sleeved skirts with long feet, also known as kandoura, and are often elaborately decorated with embroidery patterns of gold, silver or colored thread. Thobe is a dress worn outside trousers, sirwal and long skirts, with a black "abbaya" wrapped around the outside, and a thin veil covering the hair and face.