Defeat Novel Coronavirus

- Mar 07, 2020-

In the quarantine zone, the most beautiful "forlornmen" wear clumsy protective clothing to avoid being infected, shuttling across a few square meters to get close to those infected.They take good care of their patients, and they fight for hours on end, day and night.Due to the poor ventilation of protective clothing and the long working hours, many medical workers are sweating profuse, their palms are covered white and wrinkled.There is also an increase in the number of patients and medical staff, resulting in a shortage of medical supplies, protective clothing can only be worn once, many medical staff in order to save supplies, daily wearing uncomfortable adult diapers are now working in the ward.1-12-2

Recently, the white angels in hospitals all over the country are very hard, they are busy day and night to protect the health of one side of the people.Please let me with tears full of gratitude tunnel 1: "angels, it is good to have you!Thank you very much!"

The arrival of the virus makes us cry, the tears are not afraid, but moved.In this "critical autumn", you put their own safety and danger, to save the lives of others, to build a safety barrier for the motherland.

The most beautiful "retrograde" people, you are the guardians of the people's health!You are the guardians of national security!Wish you a safe return!