Development Of Lead-free Glass

- Aug 14, 2019-

Abstract: the composition, properties and manufacturing process of lead-free glass, including crystalline glass, electronic glass, electro-vacuum glass, solder glass and glass-ceramics, were described.

Fund: special fund for international cooperation of state administration of foreign experts affairs 

Key words: lead-free glass;Crystalline glass;Electronic glass;Electric vacuum glass;Solder glass;

If oil stains or handprints are left on the crystal vessels, wash them with lukewarm soapy water and rinse them with clean water.To avoid repeated cleaning in hot water or cleaning kit.There are cut crystal ornaments, cut parts can be gently cleaned with a toothbrush, if there is not easy to wash out the stains, you can cut the lemon with some salt, gently scrub.Use a few drops of vinegar with salt.If be in store when putting crystal vase, put on shelf upper berth mat cloth beforehand, crystal vase is put in sealed vitreous ark or display case inside, in order to reduce the opportunity that crystal surface accumulates dust, also can reduce manual contact, avoid to cause damage.