Discussion On The History Of Glass Technology

- Aug 15, 2019-

Chinese glass or glass production, the earliest time, at present we still lack completely correct specific knowledge.Posterity notes although most are thought to be different types of jade, such as in connection with the rich physical analysis of the tombs unearthed in the last ten years, these things are in fact mostly related to artificial pearls and jade.This monochrome or polychromatic, transparent or translucent early artificial pearl jade, later known as "material".In ancient times, many mixed pearls and jade mixed gems were used as valuable ornaments for women's neck or head, and sometimes used in combination with other fine metalwork inlaying.

Quality Control:

1). Preproduction samples will be available before the production

2). The production will be process by both machine and skilled handmade workers

3). The extra pieces will be ready as backup products

4). The products will be double checked before the packing