Earth Islands In Dubai

- Sep 28, 2019-

Earth Islands (World Islands)

Dubai Earth Islands, known as the eighth wonder of the world, is situated on the coastline of Dubai. Between Dubai's famous Palm Island of Zhumera and Palm Island of Della, it consists of 300 islands, which outlines the shape of a world map. The shrinking states of France, Florida and Ohio, as well as the islands named "Shanghai" and so on, and even the ice-covered Antarctica are under the scorching sun. When traveling to Dubai, if you take a helicopter, you can overlook the coastline of Dubai in a unique way at high altitude and witness the miracle. However, due to the global economic crisis and Dubai debt crisis that began at the end of 2008, as well as the bursting of the real estate bubble, the "World Island" became part of many bad projects of that period. More than a decade has passed since the start of the project. This magnificent project has only been in the initial stage of reclamation. Most of the villas on 300 islands, except for individual islands, have not been covered at all, nor have they been afforested. They are just desolate.

Desert customs

Among the many programs of Dubai tourism, going to the Golden Desert to wash sand is the best Dubai tourism project to experience the Arab flavor. Driving for hours, away from the busy and noisy city of Dubai, let you experience a different Dubai, experience the charm of Arab culture, and a variety of different types of activities, let you from thrilling excitement to leisure comfort, then to crazy intoxication!