Evaluation Basis Of Folded Crystal

- Aug 21, 2019-

Evaluation basis of folded crystal

The evaluation of the crystal is mainly based on its color, transparency, size, clarity, special patterns and whether there is an optical effect.With color sterling, concentration is higher, interior immaculate had better.Amethyst is the most expensive type, followed by topaz, smoke crystal, colorless crystal and hibiscus stone.Crystals with special optical effects cost more.

resin  trophy

Gold chicken resin trophy

resin trophy cup

crystal flower shape trophy

tree shaped crystal award trophy

custom resin figures

Black crystal trophy

Crystal globe trophy award

Crystal music trophy

Crystal color torch shape trophy

Crystal flam shape trophy

Color glass crystal

Crystal color five star trophy

crystal sailboat trophy

Glazed kylin shape crystal trophy

Customizable crystal trophy

Engraving crystal trophy

Crystal flame shaped  trophy

Crystal golf shape trophy

Crystal globe  trophy