Evaluation Standard Of Crsytal

- Aug 20, 2019-

Evaluation standard


Crystals are rated differently from high-end gems.Most high-end gemstones put color first in their evaluation, while for crystals, color and clarity (called crystals in the crystal industry) are nearly as important factors:

Color: color is very important for any gemstone, and crystal is no exception.If it is crystal crystal is a color, such as powder crystal, topaz, amethyst, etc., the highest standard of its color evaluation is Ming yan moving, without gray, black, brown and other colors.Such as pink crystal, the color of pink is good;Amethyst, requires the color of fresh purple, pure and not black;Topaz, color requirements do not contain green, lemon tone, kumquat for the best.For hair crystals, the color of the crystal is also important.The gold that same hair silk sends crystal, crystal completely colorless (white crystal) with crystal slightly slant tawney, the visual perception of naked eye also has difference, so the price of former can be prep above latter.

Clarity: the clarity requirements of crystals are very different from those of high-end gems.High-grade precious stones are rare and rare, so generally people will not be too demanding on the purity of high-grade precious stones.And the output of crystals is truly staggering, so people usually ask for crystal clarity as high as possible, and try to avoid crystals with obvious inclusions.

Impurities: if the impurities inside the crystal have the shape of the legendary figure, such as Buddha, constellation, zodiac and other values may be higher than the same color and clarity of the crystal.

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