Fashion Ciry- Dubai

- Sep 26, 2019-

Milan and Paris are said to be the fashion capitals of the world, and dubai is no worse.So why not to say that dubai's clothes really came to the front end of the world trend, but dubai's clothing is so distinctive, says it has a characteristic is not because of islamic women wear the veil, because this kind of situation in the 22 Arab countries have, says it has a characteristic, because in dubai, you can see several very different style of clothes.First of all, the people who wear the most are definitely locals, that is, gulf arabs.They wore full-length robes that covered their heads and feet.Especially the women, the authentic Arab women, many of them actually cover themselves with only a pair of eyes and even wear black silk gloves on their hands.Secondly, you can also see a lot of indians and Pakistanis in dubai, who also wear their own ethnic costumes.The robes worn by Pakistani men are slightly different from those worn by arabs, not down to the feet, but down to the knees;Sikh men from northern India do not cut their hair or shave their beards all their lives, so they wrap their heads in cloth like a big rice dumpling. Their long hair is hidden inside, and their beards are plaited into pigtails and pulled up into the cloth.Black friends from Africa like to wear colorful clothes, especially those tall and fat African aunt;In the Chinese neighborhood near draenanfu road, many Chinese women wear qipao when they go out to show their Chinese style.And the most distinctive, also be those who wear the sexiest is euramerican, January is the winter of dubai, nevertheless temperature suits to walk in the street especially however, the blonde woman that those come from euramerican country wears favorite condole take unlined upper garment, hot pants to walk on the street, local conservative Muslim also already accustomed to.Sitting down at an outdoor cafe in the bustling business district of Deira Dubai and watching the people passing by is like watching the most bizarre fashion show.