Folding Falsification Crystal

- Aug 21, 2019-

Folding falsification method

According to crystal expert wang yi elaborated, with the increase in the value of crystal, like more people, crystal has also aroused the interest of counterfeiters, the current stage of China's crystal market common counterfeiting methods:

Pictograph crystal: the scenery inside some crystal is lifelike, do not patronize looking at the pictograph scenery inside crystal, a lot of people have been able to use AB glue in a magical way, cut the crystal, from among add a landscape (small tree, small animal model in the majority), and then stick up.Take a look at the hand, very beautiful, bought, feel investment and collection value, but unfortunately this thing is artificial.

Titanium crystal tree: titanium crystal is the most expensive crystal, counterfeiters will not miss such a good product.Under the natural environment, in the crystal can grow like a tree titanium crystal, it is completely possible, but such goods are very few, that our counterfeiting experts how to do?White crystal under a hole, laser dot into a plate of titanium crystal, so that the price of this crystal can soar dozens of times.The titanium ring surface is usually made by cutting the titanium crystal into a plate and bonding it with the round crystal.

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