Genetic Separation Of Crystal

- Aug 20, 2019-

Genetic separation of Crystal

Natural crystal:

Natural crystals are formed under natural conditions, grow deep in the earth's crust, and are usually formed by violent crustal movements such as volcanoes and earthquakes.Natural crystals belong to mineral resources, very rare and precious, one of the precious stones.

Synthetic crystal:

Synthetic crystal is also called regenerative crystal is a single crystal, also known as synthetic crystal, piezoelectric crystal.The recycled crystal is formed by hydrothermal crystallization method, which "imitates the growth process of natural crystal", by placing natural silicon ore and some chemical substances in the autoclave and gradually cultivating them for 1-3 months (for different crystals).It is identical with natural crystal in chemical composition, molecular structure, optical properties, mechanical and electrical properties, and birefringence and polarization, etc., regenerated crystal is more pure and better in color than natural crystal.After processing (cutting, grinding, throwing) to get a variety of shapes of crystal clear, dazzling, and wear - resistant, corrosion - resistant.

Molten crystal:

There are a lot of people on the market melting crystal is also called synthetic crystal, it is not accurate, it is generally crystal waste as raw materials in high temperature and high pressure melting out of, rather than crystallization, do not have the crystal characteristics of crystal, so cannot melt crystal and synthetic crystal confused with one another;However, melting crystal can withstand high temperature, melting crystal with high quality silica can be made into practical products such as crystal cups, baking pans, tea sets, etc. In fact, the great man chairman MAO zedong's crystal coffin is selected from the east China sea high quality crystal melting.

K9 glass imitation crystal:

K9 glass is also known as synthetic crystal, which is even more incorrect. Although some K9 glass is fused with silica as the main material, 24% lead is added in the melting process, which is actually lead glass.Why lead?General glass hair blue or hair green, look not like crystal, but the whiteness of glass after adding lead is very high, look like crystal very much, contain 24% K9 glass especially most resemble crystal, call K9 glass to imitate crystal quite appropriate so.

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